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Awash In Forgiveness

Let's introduce ourselves

Jeff and Becki have been married for 38 years. We have three sons, Micah married to Rebecca, Jordan married to Brittany, Christopher married to Stephanie. We are grandparents to Jude, August, Tatum and soon to be born Ella, with yet another Reiser due in late April. Jeff is now retired. Having sold our business in October of 2018.

We are both involved in our personal ministry of sharing our story "Through My Tears" as well as being involved in other ministries.

Jeff is a member of the Gideon's International, Becki helps the Auxiliary, and they represent them as they go into the county jail to minister to the inmates and also the the juvenile attention center every month to speak to those incarcerated there.

Jeff is available to speak to men's groups.

Becki is available for women's groups/conferences.

We also minister together.

Becki has written our story. She is currently working on other manuscripts and hopes to have one completed and published in 2020. That title: Hot Flashes with a side of Garlic Bread. A fun nonfiction book with stories, devotionals and favorite recipes.

Children's books: Sidra and Sam the House Sparrows. And: The Adventures of Buzz the Beagle.

Becki is also involved in leading a Mom's Group at their church, Broadway United Methodist in New Philadelphia. As well as an occasional co-host on the Circle of Friends radio program that airs on 95.9 The Light radio at 10:30 a.m.


Who We Are

We are Jeff and Becki

We are parents celebrating the life of our daughter.

Elizabeth Kinsey Reiser


March 20, 1983 to May 23, 2000

On the evening of May 23, Liz and her friend, Brandi attended a choir banquet and then went to a local video store to rent a couple movies to watch when they got to Brandi's house.

While at the video store they were approached by a man that asked if he could get a ride home.

The nightmare begins.

Why Us?

We have asked the question "why us?" so many times, and yet we have no real answer. One of the possible answers could be that God had been preparing us for such a time as this.

Our desire:

Our purpose is to help those dealing with tragedy and grief to see that you can survive.